Terms and Conditions of sale

Prices are indicated in EURO, VAT not included for goods delivered loaded onto the vehicle, ex-works in Aurisina (Trieste) - Italy.

Prices if published are indicative, may vary depending on quantity, quality and terms / methods of payment.

Blocks, slabs, narrow slabs and strips are sold exclusively to trade customers for transformation!

We do not arrange for shipping the goods as transport must also include unloading. For this reason, our clients place an order with their carriers to collect the goods.

Our offices are open daily (Monday-Friday) from 8 am to 5 pm (GMT +1).

The prices if published are only valid for goods in stock.

The prices and availability for goods in stock can change and for this reason, please feel free to contact us to receive confirmation of the price, availability, and any terms.

The sale is based on the type of sample and therefore the samples serve to give a generic idea of ​​the material, and do not bind the Seller, that the material supplied must be equal to the sample.

The colored materials are sold with the discrepancies that their nature and conformation entail. Color variations, veins, grain, tears or holes, can be normal characteristics as natural products.

There are tolerances in the thicknesses where the material is not calibrated.

Each sale is intended as ex-Seller warehouse, for delivery and verification at the Seller's warehouses. Returns or replacements are not accepted. The materials travel at the risk of the buyer. Our prices are valid for whole crates or pallets. Each quantity that requires the OPENING of a whole package entails an additional fixed cost of € 60.00.

The EEC certificate, if requested, is provided at the expense of the buyer and requires different times according to the material.

Our offers are subject to the General Sales Conditions Mod. 01–2018 set out below in the PDF that we invite you to consult.