Infoprogetto workshop Trieste

Infoprogetto Trieste - Zenith C

Zenithc at workshop Infoprogetto in Trieste

Thursday April 28, 2016 Zenith C took part to the Infoprogetto workshop, organized by Action Group, publisher of magazines in the field of architecture and design.

The Trieste stage, sponsored by the Provincial Surveyors and Surveyors Graduates of Trieste, was held at the Molo IV - Passenger Terminal and had as theme "The Future construction: design and redevelop the building - in system sustainable key".

Zenithc was there to meet with more than 150 professionals (engineers, architects and surveyors) to talk about issues of construction and architecture, and show them some materials.


In particular, it was possible to appreciate a beautiful piece of Aurisina Fiorita.

We thank all the people with whom we had the pleasure to talk with and the organization that made possible this workshop.

Below is a short video of the event where you can also listen to the interview of our Giovanni (minute 1:38).


ZenithC at infoprogetto

catalogue Zenith C

Zenithc in Trieste

People listening during Infoprogetto Trieste

Zenith C Spa Trieste Trademark

Zenithc desk at Infoprogetto 2016 Trieste


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