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Walnut Travertine: General information

The travertine is a very common natural rock in construction, especially in ancient Rome. It is used for the exterior cladding of buildings and pavements. For the interior design are made objects, tables, lamps and sculptures of the architects drawings. We have different types and colors, on this page you can see some examples of walnut travertine

Walnut Travertine in a nutshell:

  • Slabs ready for immediate delivery are available in 2 and 3 cm thicknesses. 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 cm are available on request.
  • Polished surface. Upon request and in large quantities: Rough, Honed, Resinated, Flamed, Brush Hammered, Brushed.
  • Raw blocks
  • Blocks with one or more surfaces wire cut
  • Material generally available in large quantities.

Prices flooring tiles travertine

Material name
Size (cm)
 Flooring Tiles Travertine Travertino Noce Sawn surface   60 x 30 x 2
 Flooring Tiles Travertine Travertino Noce Sawn surface   60 x 30 x 2
 Flooring Tiles Travertine Travertino Noce Stuc Cem Luc   60 x 30 x 2

 Qty/Pcs - m2 : Indicates amount of pieces and their square metres in stock online in real time.

Prices slabs travertine Travertino Noce

Material name
Thickness (cm)
 Slabs Travertine Travertino Noce Sawn surface   2
 Slabs Travertine Travertino Noce Sawn surface   3
 Slabs Travertine Travertino Noce Polished + stucc. by mastic   2
 Slabs Travertine Travertino Noce Polished + stucc. by mastic   3

Prices are in EURO, VAT not included - Prices are indicative, may vary depending on quantity, quality and terms / methods of payment.

Walnut travertine details

This material is chosen because of its quality and color, suitable for many situations, without ever losing the elegance that characterizes it. Featuring a compact design, it is an ideal choice for paving and wall coverings, both internal and external.

Some methods of use

Although it is very subjective and flexible, this walnut-colored travertine is usually used for:

  • paving
  • Interior coverings
  • External coverings

Walnut travertine finishings

This material is available in a polished finishing, while on demand and for quantities we can offer raw finishing, polished, resin, flamed, bush-hammered, brushed.

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