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The Bianco Sardo is an Italian granite from Sardinia. Excellent resistance occurs with a medium grain white and black.

  • Floor tiles, flooring and cladding. Size: cm. 30,5x30,5x1. Finishes available: polishes bevels calibrates, polishes and bevels.
  • Flooring tiles and cladding. Size: cm. 60x30x2. Finishes available: polished.
  • Slabs ready for immediate delivery are available in 2 and 3 cm thicknesses. 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 cm are available on request.
  • Polished surface. Upon request and in large quantities: Rough, Honed, Resinated, Flamed, Brush Hammered, Brushed.
  • Large rough slabs with thickness from 4 cm to 12 cm, usually available with one or two polished surface.
  • Suggest for kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles. Processing by the stonemason.
  • Raw blocks
  • Generally constant material of color.
  • Material generally available in large quantities.
  • Worked on different demand for quantity.

Prices flooring tiles granite

Material name
Size (cm)
 Flooring Tiles Granite Bianco Sardo Flamed   50 x 30 x 2
 Flooring Tiles Granite Bianco Sardo Flamed   50 x 30 x 3
 Flooring Tiles Granite Bianco Sardo Polished Bevelled Calibrated   61 x 30.5 x 1

 Qty/Pcs - m2 : Indicates amount of pieces and their square metres in stock online in real time.

Finish Flamed: Flat finish, slightly roughened, obtained by passing a high temperature jet of flame over the rough face. The thermal shock splits off the surface grains.

Prices slabs granite Bianco Sardo

Material name
Thickness (cm)
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished   2
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished   3
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished   4
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished   5
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished   6
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished   10
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Flamed   2
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Flamed   3
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished on 2 surfaces   6
 Slabs Granite Bianco Sardo Polished on 2 surfaces   8

Prices are in EURO, VAT not included - Prices are indicative, may vary depending on quantity, quality and terms / methods of payment.

Country: ITALIA
Place of Extraction: Sardegna

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